Welcome to Lunar Feast

Welcome to Lunar Feast! Here you will find information and inspiration whether you already follow a completely vegetarian diet or not.

We are a Tibetan Buddhist organization under the guidance of Wangchen Rinpoche based in Los Angeles, California. Our objective is to promote vegetarianism with the slogan, Lunar Feast. This is based on the Buddhist practice of lay practitioners taking a vow and abstaining from meat-eating on the auspicious full moon, half moon, and new moon days. It is our wish to encourage all Buddhists and non-Buddhists who cherish life to abstain from eating meat on those special days at the very least, if they are not able to completely give up meat-eating.

These auspicious days of the lunar cycle can be understood as special days because there is the understanding that the external lunar cycle is connected to the internal energy cycle of our psychophysical form body. If you engage in virtuous deeds on those special days,the belief is that the power of virtue will be much greater than on other days. Similarly if you engage in negative actions, the power will be much greater as well. This belief comes from a Buddhist teaching that all animals are sentient beings just like us. They think and feel. Obviously the law of karma and the theory of reincarnation are at the heart of this belief.

Sometimes people misunderstand the benefit of becoming vegetarian and see it only as giving up their right to enjoy their life with a variety of delicious meat and abundant protein, and wonder why they should care about these inferior life forms. Vegetarianism is right-karma action because it is abstaining from the karma of killing. The primary beneficiary is the person who practices it. Abstaining from meat-eating is a virtuous karmic deed; in addition, if you truly care about the animals, the power of the deed will be even greater because of the power of your compassion.

We will explore these topics on this site, encourage you to share your experience and expertise, and together we will plant the seeds for a healthy, peaceful future on planet earth.

‘May those who wish to follow a pure spiritual path embrace a vegetarian diet.’ -Venerable Wangchen Rinpoche

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